Don’t underestimate the power of Dark-Mode – iOS 13

Apple recently released iOS 13 and along with many other features it is also the Dark-Mode.

Before giving some good uses of dark mode on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 let’s give some step by step instructions how to activate Dark-Mode.

iOS 13: How to add Dark Mode shortcut to Control Center on iPhone:

  1. Open Settings, Swipe Down and find Control Center
  2. Choose Customize Control Center
  3. Under More Control, tap “+” icon next to Dark Mode.
  4. Under three-line icon on the right to organize its placement

Now you can easily switch Dark Mode on and off easily through the control Center.

Camera on Dark-Mode

You can compare your adjusted version to the original at any point in the editing process by tapping on the image preview. You can also toggle on or off any adjustments you’ve made to see the impact of, say, adjusting the vibrancy of the overall shot. Video editing is also available for the first time, and while it’s a little more limited than the photo editing tools, you can do basic tasks like rotating or cropping a video, which were previously impossible in the Photos app.

Depending on users preference dark mode might be very comfortable for the eye.

Apple Maps on Dark Mode

Even though Google Maps hasn’t changed much, the dark mode feature iOS 13 has been added.
This has created a big contrast on colors that will help you detect the streets and roads much better and faster.

Again this depends on user preferences but you might get used to it if you try it.

Along with dark mode features mentioned above, dark-mode feature is added on almost on each corner and each menu of Apple devices running iOS 13 and above such as : Settings, Reminders, Odds and Ends, Calendar etc.

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