Huawei P30 Pro Review – Camera

Huawei is on top rumors of these days not only because of issues with Canadian and U.S Government but also with other problems with Android.

Everyone who likes to know more about Huawei Technology is interested about the Huawei P30 Pro, what is it going to be, what system it will be running on, camera features etc.

With a 6.5-inch screen, a large battery and those complicated camera sensors, the P30 Pro is relatively heavy at 192g. But because that OLED display is curved at the sides and the bezels surrounding the screen are razor thin, the device keeps roughly the same size as the iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy S10+.

What is more interesting thing about Huawei P30 Pro it’s the camera.

P30 Pro has bumped cameras, a 40-megapixel main sensor, 20-megapixel wide-angle lens, and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens.

Night Mode

Every smartphone user, whether it is iOS or Android user has one big concern about his camera and it is how the camera will perform during low light or at a complete dark.

Huawei has taken this into a consideration and has improved much more the Night Mode camera. The phone will be able to take cleaner and nicer shoots during night more than any other Huawei and probable it has one of the best smartphone camera in the world.

Also, big improvement it is the wide angel and the zoom capacity. Huawei P30 Pro Camera can now zoom up to 10x and still be very clear shot.

These cameras combine to provide a superior camera experience that is very similar to that of the Mate 20 Pro, which makes sense given their similar specifications. But the P30 Pro exceeds the Mate 20 Pro in one key area: The telephoto lens provides true 5X optical zoom thanks to a new periscope-style configuration that uses mirrors so that it can extend inside of the P30 Pro’s body, rather than outside. And it is amazing.

If you’re familiar with the OnePlus 7 Pro’s claims of 3X optical zoom and the resulting controversy around those claims, forget them. All you need to know is this: Where zoom on the OnePlus 7 Pro is mushy, pixelated, and often unusable, zoom on the P30 Pro works like it should, at it delivers a superior shot every time. This is optical zoom as I’ve always imagined it in the smartphone world, and while it’s still a far cry from the 24X optical zoom on my last point and click camera, it blows away everything else in the smartphones.

I had a nice chance to test this when our Miami hotel was buzzed repeatedly by the Blue Angels over the Memorial Day weekend. Spying a man on the roof of the hotel next to us, I decided to take zoomed and non-zoomed shots of him with the Pixel 3a XL (which is software-based), the OnePlus 7 Pro (which is allegedly 3X optical zoom), and the Huawei P30 Pro.

Here’s the un-zoomed shot from the P30 Pro.

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