Some new features of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 online installer

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Microsoft Office 2019 Online Installer

Microsoft Office 2016 online installer

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Microsoft Office 2016 64 Bit online installer

In Office 2019, you’ll find new inking tools, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, ease-of-use features, and so much more! Check out what’s available to you today.

Figure 1. Add visual impact

Bring visual interest to your documents, worksheets, and presentations by inserting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that have filters applied to them.

Figure 2. Break the language barrier

Translate words, phrases, and other text selections to another language with Microsoft Translator.

Figure 3. LaTeX equation support

You asked for it! You can now create math equations using LaTeX syntax.

Figure 4. Add motion with Morph

Make smooth animations, transitions, and object movements across your slides with Morph.

Figure 5. Find what you’re looking for with Zoom

Zoom takes you from one slide to another, in any order you like. Skip ahead or revisit slides without interrupting the flow of your presentation.

Figure 6. Run a slide show with your digital pen *

Use your Surface pen, or any other pen with a Bluetooth button, to advance your slides.

Figure 7. New functions

TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS, and more. Let Excel do the work so you don’t have to.

Figure 8. Easily link tasks

Forget about memorizing the ID of the task you want to link to. Instead, select a cell in either the Predecessors or Successors columns to see a list of all the tasks in your project.

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