Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are now revealed

Today we are going to write about Samsung galaxy note 10 that we all are waiting to buy. Of course if you are wondering exactly what you are going to be getting when it gets released down the line probably around time of August 2019.

According to most reports, the Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled sometime in August, the most recent and apparently accurate claim being that it will be August 7. That certainly fits Samsung’s recent release pattern for the Galaxy Note 8 and 9, which both appeared in August allowing the company to get the jump on the September debut of Apple’s new iPhones.

Two Versions : Extra large and large

So, for now, it appears Samsung will be planning one large and one extra large model and then 5G variants for each, for a total of four versions. A subsequent report from leaker Ice Universe suggests that Samsung will call the larger of the two models the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. In a follow-up tweet, Ice Universe claimed the Note 10 Pro would sport a 4,500 mAh battery, which is the same size as the power pack in the Galaxy S10 5G.

Infinity Display

Samsung’s Infinity-O display technology, which allows for a cutout for the front facing camera within an OLED screen, debuted in earnest with the Galaxy S10. For that reason, it’s not surprising that rumors have suggested the company will utilize that same design in the Galaxy Note 10. However, what we’ve heard so far suggests the implementation could be a bit different.

Considering that the Galaxy S10 Plus — arguably the best comparison to the Galaxy Note 10 — costs $999, and the Galaxy Note 9 also cost $999 at launch, there’s a good chance the device will be on a similarly pricey side. This said, a recent rumor has suggested that the price will actually be bumped up by $100 or $200, with the basic price now being more than $1,000.

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