The LG V50 is expected to be the one of 10 first 5G network phone

Many 5G network telephones are true and can be purchased soon. OnePlus and Samsung have announced that they will launch new 5G networking options around August 2019, while LG will be the first to integrate this capacity into the V50 ThinQ.

Evan Blass has posted an image on Twitter, where this phone appears, along with the 5G network option, expected to be much faster than the current one. The V40 ThinQ successor is reported to be the first with the 5G wireless connection, expected to be introduced on Sunday, February 24, at the Mobile World Congress.

Initially, the V50 had to launch on April 19 in South Korea, but LG delayed it to take more time to optimize the Snapdragon 855 and X55 modems. So far, the 5G role has been limited to South Korea and has not provided the best user experience.

Despite this, LG has now decided to launch the V50 due to the strong public interest in the 5G at present, instead of jeopardizing the V50 being forgotten.

That makes sense, because Samsung and Xiaomi are ahead with the launch of their 5G phones. The V50 features a 6.4 inches OLED QHD + screen, Snapdragon 855, three cameras on the back, two on the front, and a massive 4,000 mAh battery.

The V50 will be available in three local operators and has a price of about $ 1,035 USD. That makes it about $ 173 cheaper than the Galaxy S10 5G


This is why the V50 ThinQ has been designed from the ground up to bring more tangible benefits to its owner than its top specs and 5G connectivity. What sets the phone apart is an optional accessory you can pick, called LG Dual Screen.

Instead of increasing complexity and prices with a folding display design, LG provides you with the choice to double the screen real estate of the V50 by adding a second display when you need it. Attached with sturdy hinges that rotate 360 degrees, it can be as useful as the second half of a bendy phone’s display when unfurled, yet skimps on the drawbacks of designs like folding phones. LG is betting that it can provide most of the added value of a foldable phone with the Dual Screen option, without breaking the user’s bank and rushing into unproven technology, even though it has foldable displays in the lab, and even a TV with rollable screen battling for market glory.

Citing more than 90 usage scenarios in 20 different categories that are made possible by the Dual Screen paraphernalia and the accompanying software, LG gives a few examples of the daily life with the extra canvas, meaning now you can run up to 3 apps simultaneously.


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