The new iPhone Camera is very Powerful

Recently, Apple has released their new product which is iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max which deserve some attention.

The new iPhone with three camera may seem a little bit fun but in fact the new camera is a absolute monster.

You will be able to get maximum photo quality and these days, iPhone 11 is probable one of the best phones in the world today

More cameras – More features

Apple has not changed much in their design, they have just simplified but in terms of camera this is really something new in Apple devices.

The iPhone Pro models will have three cameras in that square and the standard iPhone 11 will have just two, both 12-megapixel. One of those lenses is a standard lens. Like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and a few other Android phones, the second lens will offer a 120-degree ultra-wide view, letting you “zoom out” 2x and see more of a landscape. The extra camera on the Pro lets you “zoom in” 2x, as well.

The new cameras also allow for some improved portrait mode shots. The iPhone 11 can add depth effects to more scenarios, like a portrait of your favorite furry friend.

Sure, those three sensors might make the new phone look a bit like a googly-eyed monster, but don’t let that distract you from the incredible specs.

This sucker packs a punch between an Ultra Wide lens that lets you capture more of what’s in front of you in the frame (perfect for when you can’t back up any further to capture a shot), a Wide lens, and a Telephoto camera that allows you to zoom in two times further than ever before.

But the magic really starts to happen when you fuse the data from all three sensors. This lets you take far better low-light shots and professional-grade cinematic video.

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