Unbelievable Sales Records For Galaxy S10 Series (Review)

Samsung’s latest S10, Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 + product sales have started in more than 70 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, India, China and Europe and by the end of the month to be available in around 130 markets. In the pre-sales period, sales were higher than any other Samsung smartphone in Europe in a shorter period than ever before.

The latest Galaxy S10 smartphones have achieved a higher performance, up 40 percent, in the pre-sales period in our region compared to last year’s Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy S10 + in Europe has recorded more than half of its sales, showing the growing trend of high-end smartphone users. Black color is still the most popular color and accounts for almost 50 percent of Galaxy S10’s total sales.

Galaxy S10 series with Galaxu S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e will be available in black, white, green, blue and yellow shades, and the Galaxy S10 + in two premium models: black and pink porcelain light. Because of interest and great demand, certain color smartphones and different memory spaces will be available with little delay.

Each of these three smart phones brings revolutionary innovation to the screen, camera and intelligent performance. The Galaxy S10 series is designed for those who want a smart premium phone with a powerful performance and also opens the door to new generation of cell phone experience.

For those looking for a complete device, the Galaxy S10 + takes on every feature – from the screen, camera and performance – to another level. The Galaxy S10e is built for those who want all of the premium essential elements in a compact package on a flat screen.

Features of Samsung Series S10

Starting with the leadership of Samsung with the first Dual Pixel and Dual Aperture cameras, the Galaxy S10 introduces new camera technology and advanced intelligence that makes it easy to capture fantastic photos and footage.

For the first time for the S Series, the Galaxy S10 offers an ultra-wide lens with a 123-degree angle view, just like the human eye, so you can capture everything you see. Perfect for impressive landscapes, great panoramas, even capturing a full family portrait, these ultra-wide lenses ensure you capture the full picture.

Samsung introduces Wireless PowerShare to the Galaxy S10, enabling smart phones to be smartly charged with Qi certification and compatible devices that can be used as accessories.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 is capable of charging itself and a second device at the same time Intelligent Performance Features to Help Get the Most Out of Your Phone The Galaxy S10 is built with premium hardware and intelligence-based hardware that work in your country.

From new power-sharing capabilities to improved performance through AI and Intelligent Wi-Fi, the Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s most intelligent device to date, both internally and externally.

Finally, the Galaxy S10 5G is the device designed for those who are looking for more and are ready for higher speeds and more powerful features. With a completely new dynamic AMOLED display, next-generation camera and intelligent performance, the Galaxy S10 Series offers consumers more choice choices and sets a new standard for smart phones.

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